Sunday, 13 April 2014

New Blinks

As our 13th Age party evolves and all the back stories and fascinating OneUniqueThings come into focus I took the opportunity to alter little Blinks. I created her to fill a few roles with the group, firstly an NPC that the group can look after as they set out on their adventures. Plus with our setting so centred on the great Stonewood it made sense for the team of heroes to have a Ranger with them. We started out having two players keen to play the class, but they evolved into a Fighter and our Cleric. This linked up with the recent story of the pre-game battle with the Kobolds which became the battle where the party lost its Ranger.

So the Warden of Tearhold Tower has assigned little Blinks to the group. Having a little NPC with them will let me or anyone GMing to have a voice while we setup the world and Icons and locations etc. Having an NPC is always handy in case of players becoming incapacitated or dead. Most importantly if our plan to switch around GMing comes off, then I could elevate her to a PC with full stats etc.

I decided Blinks needed to change, to make her simpler and cleaner. The idea of the Spores is cool, but is too close to other characters now with The Green that I am keen to see play out. Plus I wanted her logic to reinforce how young she is and so the idea of her walking around with a huge bow is a nice image.

Speaking of images, here is her altered pic. It is cool how a little bit of Photoshop's Liquify and some adjustment can bring out her owlified eyes etc.

Lithia 'blinks' Elinduith
Elven Junior Ranger
Skinny little Wood Elf - still a kid really

She is the bearer of the Owlbranch, a legendary elven bow
She is only a little kid though and being a powerful artefact it exerts much over her
When her grandmother died she inherited it and loves the bow - reminds her of Gran
Her eyes are irritated by the light and she blinks when it isn’t quite dark
The kids tease her about this and call her Blinks
She has a natural affinity with tracking and the wilderness.
She loves her bow, practices all the time, but she is timid and a little nervous still
The Warden sees potential in her


starting stats: STR 10 CON 10 DEX 18 INT 10 WIS 12 CHA 14 (NPC)
Initiative -5 (she is nervous and new to combat)
Basic attack: Strike with Bow +0 vs AC
R Owlbranch Shot +6 vs AC - 6 damage
  Quickfire: Attack roll of 15+ immediately fire off a second shot as a free action against the same target
  Squinting: only deals 2 damage on Odd attack rolls if she hits
  Viscous Strike: Critical strikes deal triple damage
Slippery: Gains +8 to Break Free if using her Standard Action
Heroic Potential: Has 4 Healing Recoveries, may add the escalation die to attack rolls
AC 16 PD 10 MD 14
HP 22

The 13th Age Twitter guys thought I could base her on the Gnoll Ranger as an NPC, so I merged one with other ideas from Elves, Goblins and some semi-PC-ness.

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