Saturday, 5 April 2014

Stonewood Icons

One of the cornerstones of the 13th Age gameset are its Icons, the key NPCs whose will will shape events in the world. For our new campaign set in the Stonewood we are creating our own Icons and here they are. For updates as we refine them, check the Icons page on our campaign site.

01 Heroic | Sir Garren
  Commander of the Long Blade - drives for peace through strength of arms
  The Fortress is a huge tower complex now surrounded by the streets of Flagsmarch
  Head of the main protectorate in the Stone Woods, Rangers, Soldiers and Guards.
02 Heroic | Dromb Runefire
  Elderly Dwarf King in the mountain stronghold of Rimdor
  He is the personal guardian of gate lore and the runes of Sealing
  His largely dwarven citizens have many golems and constructs.
  New passion to build a vast engine to drill down to the site of the Sealing.
03 Heroic | Lady Cale
  Voyant Priestess of the White Tower (also known as Seers Tower)
  The tower is full of seers divining the future through multiple methods
  They are well protected by the Seer Guard, who all can see
  She acts on the visions, dispatching her guard or calling upon assistance from others
  Her seers can be found throughout the Stonewood, feeling, seeing, acting
04 Heroic | High Councillor Tanis
  Elected leader of Flagsmarch, loves order and civilisation
  He is a marvelous politician, always guiding events and personalities
  Fears beasts and all threats to the city and the lands
  His rule has influence everywhere, even as far as Tearhold
  He has a smaller personal private force called the Banner Watch
05 Ambiguous | Jean-Tresor Endul
  Warden of the great Whispering Tower - largest population after Flagsmarch
  Head of the Whisperers - pervasive if cult-like religion
  They believe that the gods can be heard whispering through a sealed gate in the tower
  Rumours of Therian sanity issues
06 Ambiguous | Thaelyn StarMyst Elf Princess
  Stunning HighElf who married the Drow Illusionist Thraex
  Reclaimed the Elven Spire (Induil) and wants to reunite the Elves
  Striving to have the elves working together as one

07 Ambiguous | The Cat
  Respected figure in the Underworld - many would follow them if called
  Burglar, bounty hunter, collector, thief - has a passion for artifacts
  Very little is known about them so far
  Takes all manner of magical artifacts (leaving similar items in their place with the mark of the Cat)
  They seem to be looking for something, collecting key elements for ...

08 Ambiguous | Qan
  Possible uniter of the Scattered - the many tribes, wildfolk and gypsies
  The Scattered are vast in number living out beyond the Stonewood (many races)
  The bands are always on the move, migrating based on the will of their tattooed weapons
  All of The Scattered love tattoos of various types, Qan leads through his powerful magical ones, writhing over his body.
09 Ambiguous | Libra the Merchant
  Powerful trader with a large network of legal and other commercial links
  Drug lord - controls the supply of Moonseed
  Much of the illegal activity in all of the Stonewood can be traced back to Libra
  He can be found in many parts of Flagsmarch, stayig safe through bribes, threats and misdirection
10 Villainous | Sesk Queen of Scale
  Mistress of snakes, reptiles and dragons
  Dislikes Theria, calls the towers splinters
  A powerful Naga-like sorceress who is rumoured to ride a huge black dragon
  She feels compelled to bring about the Rule of Scale

11 Villainous | The Fallen
  Ancient Undead catalyst in the Swamp
  There is constant fear that the unquiet dead which dwell in the vast eastern swampland will rise up
  Are the undead just waiting for some evil will to unleash them on the living.
  This figure known as The Fallen is said to have been vanquished many times...
12 Villainous | Valandir Thornheart
  Wood Elf Druid who loves The Elf Princess - heartbroken, betrayed and spurned
  Feels the Elves are corrupted and need to be punished, hates himself as well
  He feels he can use demonic power to unite all the elven forms and their demon cousins.
  This master race he calls the Valan, he would see all other races eliminated or enslaved.
13 Villainous | Malsain 'The Maker'
  Masterful Mage drawing on great currents of magic to fashion new spells and creatures
  Sees himself as the master of magics and a creator of remarkable new things
  The current world is merely a playpen waiting to be shaped into whatever he desires
  All life and matter are just materials to be exploited for his next grand experiment
  He loves to unleash his creations on the world, reveling in the chaos
  Human name was Malsain Barksmith (most common surname in the Stonewood)
  How he gained such power and took on the title of the Maker isnt known

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