Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Note 3

When it came time to get my phone upgrade after having a loan Samsung Galaxy S4 there were a few choices. Going back to the world of the iPhone really wasnt one of them, despite the wonderful app-world that the Apple devices have going for them. I did have a peek at going for a Windows8 phone and would have relished the experiment, but in practice I wasnt really keen enough to live without native support for things like Hangouts.

So then it was down to really two choices, the newer flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 and the pen-powered Galaxy Note 3. I already had other stylus enabled devices so it was a tricky choice as I wondered if having a pen on a little screen was going to work. Plus the screen on the Note 3 was HUGE as far as a phone was concerned and I was nervous about my pocket.

I made the call that the Note 3 was a more forward looking device and having tech like the pen was just too much to pass up. Having used the Note 3 for a few weeks there is alot to love. The huge screen is a joy to use for everything, reading in the Kindle app is great and general web browsing etc is fun. That size hurts for one-handed use, making it hugely impractical - you have to kind of balance the phone on your hand rather than gripping it. There is a 'one handed' mode in there somewhere that shrinks the screen down but I havent tried that yet.

The Pen is actually really nice to use on the device and it is a very nice size for little sketches. Here is my test set of drawings using the Sketchbook app featuring Superman, Lex and a Mouse. I think if you have any inclination to doodle or sketch something and you can fit this baby in your pocket then the Note3 is wonderful.

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