Tuesday, 12 August 2014

LoL art and 3D

While I am still a woeful player, I am liking that the success of the game means they have been able to get some pretty nice artwork for League of Legends now. Actually the community is resplendent with commissioned pieces, fan art, artist videos, cosplay and more.

Lets take a little whirlwind look at some of these things that have caught my eye over the last few days. First there is the Champion 3D Model browser on the lolking site (which also has lots of demographics and stats that I love checking out). Here we can load in any of the champions, their skins and see the actual 3D model with all their animations as well.

The main League of Legends site has all the portraits of the myriad of champions and their skins. Makes for quite a gallery and they generally do a nice job of bringing out the personalities of these zany combatants.

The LoL artwork section of the site also has some wallpapers that bring things together and show off the battles, the partnerships and the special events

But it is the creative videos that really should capture your attention, showing how some talented people come together to create imagery and video. I could watch these all day - except that my mouth would be hanging open most of the time and ... you know ... I might eat a fly or something ...

Beyond there we also have all the glory of the lol deviantart gallery with official RIOT work and so so much fan created fun. Here are a last few pieces to inspire further exploration...

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