Saturday, 23 August 2014

Vanquish sketch and talented videos

After our FATE session the other day we had fun talking about how the dramatic sequence we ended on would look as a comic cover for the next issue. We have lined up a titanic battle between us (Team Vanquish), F.A.T.E. agents (black copters and their jetpack guys), The Mob (thugs and their ex-japanese giant robots) and Dr Von Bat (Weaponised OMBAT suits). All of this over the fate of girl, the mystery girl...

This is a sketch I made for one such comic cover, it isnt at all what I intended actually and I was lazy and took shortcuts. I like some of the pieces of it but m not sure about the whole - that said I like the choronolapse video.

While we are here in a blog post, I thought I would call out the Comicbook Graphic Design site - inspiration in all directions. The piece that got me to the site is this wonderful robot drawing by Jake Parker (Missile Mouse etc).

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