Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Super Letters

Our Team Vanquish FATE Core game has become very dramatic after the events at the Masquerade Gala! There has been plenty of fascinating discussion (OOC by the players) on how to resolve things at least enough for the team to get on with dealing with the bad guys and other aspects of heroism...

One of the options is for the team to come together at the children's wing of the Atomic Memorial Hospital. Here are some invitations from the kids that he brings to them...
Since the heart of the conflict is a failure of the Steve and Seraph characters to understand each other - they feature in the invites.

Thinking about the idea before diving into Photoshop, I figured a brush should be able to emulate crayon and rough pencil easily enough. I also wanted the whole process to be very fast - and it was!

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