Tuesday, 21 October 2014


This little post was inspired by the John Cleese talk below that covers (in his usually comical way) thinking around how to set things up to allow creativity to happen. He talks about two basic modes: Open where creativity can happen and Closed where creativity doesnt occur but we become very efficient and focused on completing tasks. There is a great deal we can draw inspiration from here, even if one might debate the premise or find other ways of working. Great Stuff!

The follow-up thinking for me has been around where inherently creative tasks or multi-modal tasks might fit into this paradigm. Painting, designing, composing for example which rely on an ongoing dialogue of creativity and analysis while also actually delivering on the tasks themselves. They imply either a very rapid transition between the two modes or something actually cooler.

When I am drawing for example there are different levels of the creative process, how am I going to portray my idea, how can I find an interesting way to explore the details of the world or place or people, how am I going to use the limited skills I have to make something emotive and cool etc etc. There are creative choices and ideas at the same time as lines are appearing on the page inviting other ideas at the same time. That said there is some significant amount of craft going on, the practice of drawing rather than actual creative input - so it is a mixture or at least a SCALE rather than a pure switching of the two modes...

I really liked the piece in the video where John Cleese talked about the environment being safe for bringing in ideas and that working in a group of good friends being beneficial. I like these types of collaborations as well, whether it be in some creative output or in the context of something like a roleplaying game session. Playing something like FATE is highly creative for all the participants and we neeeed to feel free to throw things out there that then get expanded upon.

These process videos I have been making I think reveal a little of this - many of the concepts are coming from the group creative play sessions then as I try to think about the characters and situations more I need to design and create something with the drawings ans presentation...

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