Sunday, 5 October 2014

Vanquish Odette Cover

Rounding off the individual covers for the whole team we have Odette. She is the new member of team Vanquish in our FATE Core supers game. She is an NPC and supposed 'daughter' of super-villain Dr Von Bat. Nigel (the Conductor) is infatuated with her at the moment and she is also apparently artificial which will be awesome to explore more in the game.

I thought, having her peeking into frame would be a fun way to show she is new to the team and I wanted to play with hints of her artificial nature. Her hair has extra angles, there is the barcode tattoo, the blue tinted black hair and the binary code highlights. Even if the characters in game didnt find out she was created for a while, we the reader could have picked it up earlier.

Again this was all done in Photoshop, but the WIP video done with Chronoloapse captures and Premiere explains the process quite well I think...

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