Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Nigel's Mood

I will blog more on PAXAUS over the coming days (it was spectacular btw), but here is a drawing I did squeezed in between things or while waiting in the mornings. After the events of our last session of our FATE Core supers game, Nigel (AKA The Conductor) is in a bad way. The world is in peril, he lost Odette to the evil of Dr Von Batt, he was genuinely scared for his friends, he saw where the path of villainy leads and he is feeling really down.

Rather than the cover of that issue I felt like drawing (using a different style this time) a cover for a fictional micro issue that could come straight after these events that took place fully inside his mind as we see all these pressures, friends enemies and potential disasters...

Again all in Photoshop using the Surface Pro 3, this time using more of a pencil sketchy shading method with the muted colours going in later. I was trying to get him to be low in the frame and to almost merge into the background that was a jumble of the thoughts preying on him. His usually lively (electrified) hair is now all limp and even his antenna looks sad...

Maybe this will be a turning point for him, will he strive to be a great hero for his friends and really try to emphasise the first part of his BENEVOLENT MASTERMIND aspect.

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