Sunday, 7 December 2014

Lightning and the Conductor

As our FATE Core supers game gears up for our Volume 1 finale atop Pyramid Tower with the devastation of the Great Convergence and the return of the exploding Captain Atomic. Our heroes find themselves at the centre of this cataclysm as our universe looks ready to ... impregnate another.

Anyhow, The Conductor is preparing by practicing with Echo and augmenting his suit with metallic coils around his arms wired up to the metal conduit balls. All of this to help him focus his electro-magnetic powers - hopefully as a team we will win the day. These are doodles done on my Galaxy Note 3 btw.

Oh and here is a completely awesome slow motion video of a lightning strike - should be good inspiration for the Conductor's powers...

Oh and here are a few sketches for Terror Incognita - who I think is on our side ... I think ...

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