Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Team Vanquish Cast

I really enjoyed our FATE Core supers game over the last few months, great system and cool bunch of players! So here is a pic to celebrate the epic conclusion to volume 1 the other day. This features the core cast for the final encounter including the PCs, The Conductor, Rush, Seraph and Val plus Echo and Terror Incognito.

The pic shows a few of the elements that came into play like the watches on Rush's arm, her crystal from the Ether, Val's new Polygon blade from the Celestial Geometer, Seraph's fireball and Nigel's sup'd up suit. I took waaay too long to do this drawing really, starting with rough sketches in photoshop and then several shading and colouring methods before it kind of came together.

Here is a desaturated version as well, as it has a nice quality about it...

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