Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sprite Animation - Slick and Rayman

I was intrigued after seeing the Slick Dev Blog Post looking at their tech for doing Sprite animation. While they are using a custom solution for it there are packages available and maybe Unity even has tools for this as well if that was your engine of choice. It is very interesting to see how the bone animations play with the 2D sprites and image switching to create some wonderful stuff. More of the fun happens in the engines of course but it is lovely to see these drawings overflowing with character come to life.

As mentioned in the post the tech behind Rayman Legends is beautiful and the results are inspirational. I have a real soft spot for this 2D styling from my own drawings to comics and such. While fully rendered 3D is cool, this 2D aesthetic is lovely and approachable. Here are 3 Rayman Legends videos, first the tech interview, then the launch trailer that shows how it all comes together and lastly a pretty nice 3D CGI promo video that shows off the different style.

While we are here, we should throw a few groovy concept art images on here, some environment/level concepts from Aymeric Kevin's blog.

Hell, while we are here, a few more videos from the Shellrazer team showing off the artistic talents of Jesse Turner and I love the procedural path which is Nick's handiwork from blogpost#59