Saturday, 1 March 2014

Twitch Plays Pokemon

I figured I should at least do a mini post here so I can look back on this oddity later. When Twitch Plays Pokemon fist appeared on my Twitter feed I didnt give it much thought - but when I heard what it actually was I was intrigued. I have dropped in several times over the week and am genuinely amazed that this much progress has been made. While I have seen bits and pieces going on I have yet to see anything actually usuful done. Just now Red lost a battle, sigh.

The entire concept of having a huge swarm of people all using the controls for this old-school 16-bit game at the same time is fascinating to watch. Insanely frustrating, but fascinating none the less. I didnt feel as though my contributions to the controlling were having any useful effect :-)

Friday, 28 February 2014

Unity3D and Nvyve VIs

It is scary that I have fond memories of my Unity3D projects - yes fond memories. That means I haven't done anything with the toolset for several thousand years now, even Lord Elrond is struggling to recall - that is where the 'scary' part fits in. I like the Unity Showcase Gallery page - so many interesting things being done by so many talented people. I had been experimenting with using the CryEngine as a way to build the animations for the Maiden of the Loch game, but perhaps Unity would be a worthy contender.

Anyhow, one of the projects on the site is a nifty piece of architectural visualisation by Nvyve who crafted an interactive view of some Nuovo Condominiums with all the context of Ottawa as well. I would have liked to see some details on how this was done, how they created the detail level and all the interface elements, but I will have to be content with the video. While that is very groovy, I would love to be able to download the experience and actually enjoy the interactivity myself - hint - hint -

I am not sure what technologies are used for all their projects, but their new showreel is definitely worth the time if you like this sort of thing:

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Dancing with Google Tango

Google has opened up applications for early exploration of their Project Tango kit. It is great to see people like Google who are able to innovate in this nexus of the device, the OS, the applications, the data backend and more to create a prototype device that can map the world we inhabit.

This sort of technology would slot in very nicely to a range of research projects here at UNSW and Built Environment particularly. Interesting to see Unity as part of the app stack - I think we should make more use of Unity in our projects here. Unity may not have the visual fidelity or beauty of CryEngine and UnrealEngine but it does seem to have better research hooks for us. I like the work that the DigitalUrban guys have done for example.

Cant wait!