Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Fedosov Art - Eyes and No Eyes

Time to feature a set of inspirational digital art, this time by Alexander Fedosov (Hollllow) who's Deviant Art gallery sports a suite of characters some of which are below. There is clear talent here and each image makes a big statement at the canvas level while also allowing us to dig into all those lovely detail. All the wrinkles, grooves and bits each lovingly textured and shaded. Oh and what is not to love about the eyes detail on the first set, interesting that the second set I chose have no eyes for us... Check his site for more and bigger pics!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Platypus Grasshopper Rhino

Core studio have released the alpha version of Platypus, their plugin for Grasshopper (Rhino) that allows for models to sync in realtime through to the web in multiple sessions. While I personally would love to be able to squeeze in time to learn more Rhino/Grasshopper, there are many who already do and being able to show off a parametric model live like this is certainly one way to share things with people. Whether some sort of video streaming actually delivers more capability will be interesting to see, this method can let other people control the model, while a video stream would deliver all the functionality at the host end including rendering, slicing, view presets etc etc. Either way this is pretty cool:

Monday, 12 May 2014

Jim Lee Character Sketches

One of the coolest things in playing a roleplaying game is having a personalised sketch or illustration of your hero, your character. So how supremely awesome would it be to have Jim Lee as a dad who could create something like this for you!
These pics came via Jim's tweets for his 2 instagram posts (1 and 2) showing some sweet D&D characters:

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Therian Towers

The fantasy world of Theria, at least the civilised areas are dominated by the vast Stonewood. Peeking out above the giant trees are the mighty towers that are the beacons of safety and security in a land bristling with threats to Man, Elf and all the other citizens of the Tower Stands.

Here are a series of tower sketch concepts, including the hero's home, Tearhold. These are just 'pencil' sketches in Photoshop on the Surface Pro with a little shading here and there...