Friday, 20 February 2015

Latest Thrail

This pic of Thrail I 'completed' during last night's 13th Age game. I had been doing pretty happy versions of him, enjoying an Ale or laughing with mates - this one shows a slightly more intense side of our tank. I am finding it relatively workable to sketch during the game as the flow of activity moves around the table.

I need to invest some time in fleshing out the Red Cloak - it is an important part of Thrail and thus the world. The Oath of the Cloak sounds like a place to start and we even met some new members of the Red Cloak in Keemton during last night's game. From there I think I will need to work on his 'aspects' even though we are 13th Ageing - they are a nice way to flesh out a PC. Plus our latest house rules for Icon Relationships have some bits in there that feel more 'aspect-like'.

I do like how nice and Dwarven Thrail and Sorra are with our snoring, morning Ale and roughhousing, esp in contrast with Jim and his naive Moonlingness.

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