Wednesday, 11 February 2015


We had a fun conversation over lunch around various models for subscription streaming (tv/movie) services - comparing the lowly options here in Oz with things like Spotify and how games have adopted different models over the last few years. When you see the amount of income a success like World of Warcraft can bring, you can see the appeal of subscription models - but with the popularity of transaction models now, the world has certainly moved on.

Anyhow, that is a rather lame introduction to the point of this little post. Blizzard are releasing a game with an all new game - this time with all new characters = Overwatch. I admit I dont know that much about the game itself, though it looks like Team Fortress 2 with a more diverse (MOBA-like) cast of heroes to battle things out. Blizzard are renowned for the polish they bring to any title and their ability to refine a game genre - so I expect the same will apply here.

Blizzard are also famous for their cinematic trailers and this one is another wonderful piece of work. We get bucket loads of cute while at the same time introducing a small set of the Overwatch heroes themselves. This is a pretty classy video all round:

There is also the gameplay trailer where things feel similar but there are things that are off-putting for me. In the cinematic there is a protracted battle between these heroes as they wore each other down before one side retreats - in the gameplay trailer heroes last mere seconds against single attacks.

Lastly here is some of the artwork on the Overwatch site which are kinda cool (they all seem to have cybernetics in various amounts which is interesting)...

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