Monday, 13 July 2015

Dance Golems Idea

In thinking about concepts that might end up forming the basis for my MDM course starting in a few weeks I had this little idea over the weekend. Dance Golems would revolve around a dance studio with a group of the students (mostly girls like any dance studio) who are trying to juggle homework and dancing and uniquely to them creating golems to send out to defend the studio from the nasty robot ninjas etc.

I like the idea of a game/story which might appeal to girls (assuming I could make that jump) but upping the stakes and giving them some adventure and cool factor while keeping it light. I had been thinking about the idea of a golem game a while back - but check out these silly concept sketches. The idea of a cooperative game where we work together to assemble golems and send them out while also completing other objectives like dance eisteddfods or something could make for nice contention and maybe even some rivalry inside the team. Having 3D printed playing pieces that you assemble would be great fun and look how cute the golems are...

You can see below the idea that you plugin options onto your golem before you send it out. If you do this based on card draws matching your golem mixed with purely aesthetic choices that are just for fun then it should be a fun part of the game. Some elements like the power core give stats or powers, arms give attacks and other things are just to look awesome.

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