Monday, 27 July 2015

Design and Complete a Game

With my final course in the MDM kicking off tomorrow night I will need to work pretty hard on a specific project. There are so so many things that would be great fun to do while being hard and I would learn heaps in doing. Right now, if viable, I am keen to actually have a game be the focus of a project like this. Having read and explored game design ideas and world creation concepts etc, actually completing a game would cement much of this knowledge with a huge amount of digital and design work going into the process.

The Design Studio course might be full of students solving problems and such, but creating a game is overflowing with complex interconnected design decisions as well. I am thinking a board game would be a nice vehicle as then we get the physical artefacts (3D Printed and laser cut) that add a tactile element to all the digitally created elements. There is co much theory on the game side and so much complexity on the world generation side that it feels like a rich project - even if I need to stand up and talk about games a lot...

Yes, more sketches for a possible Golem-centric game. If our little protagonists are defending a small glade in the woods from the approaching peril with their golems, that could be cute as well. The 'board' can be clearings in the woods, we can have strangely carved stones and creepy mists and a more magically centred theme. The characters could still have other things in their lives that are competing with their golemancy though - I still like that idea. Maybe they are competing with another circle of glade witches or collecting herbs to heal the glade or something. Hell look at their hats, maybe they take time and the hat competition is looming...

Concepts that are most appealing at the moment on the game side that still involve some fun world creation include: The Golems or Dance Golems; The Loch Maiden ideas; Science and Scientists, Moths vs Butterflies, Dwarven Alesmiths and maybe something quirky to do with cyber-braces.

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