Monday, 28 September 2015

Tremulus Drama

Our RPG group's current game is another descent into the troubled worlds of Tremulus. This third series of a time spanning trilogy has the characters in 1950's Grangemouth in Scotland. While the 'doom' and horror are definitely present there is a strong theme of character driven drama running in the game as well. Our group's playstyle has been shifting this way over time which is super fun to see and be part of. Now we have married characters with infidelity and sexuality issues, nosy reporters, psychological sessions between characters and more.

Between games we spend more time talking about the social drama than the impending supernatural doom creeping up on all of us, how it will play out, how would things be handled back in 1950 and how will all these things play out given the stressful situation that our characters find themselves in...

The playbook I chose was the Veteran, Captain (retired) William Withers is back after serving on after the war in several other theatres including the jungles of Malaysia where he got a tribal tattoo on his right arm that he swears has been changing and has some symbols on it that seem related to the runes in the old ladies diary. Anyhow, he has no memory of the event which claimed his unit and his left arm, but gets flashes of pain and horror that still haunt him to this day. He is still pretty tough even with the one arm, but has a keen eye as he continues to try and get to the bottom of things. He has come to Grangemouth on the recommendation of his little brother, Wilson Withers who he kept out of active duty in the war. They grew up in a tough neighbourhood, but Wilson took the stage name of Frank Stone to become a crooning bar singer of some fame. William is still struggling to come to terms with everything that has happened to him, but rather than having a relaxing time in this small but grungy town, things are just getting weirder.

He would often have phantom pains and sensations in his missing arm, but that is nothing compared to what is happening now. After an almost unbelievable short trip to some sort of 'other world' where he had his arm again but it did not return with him - but he could feel the dark wolves tearing at it once he got back. In the latest episode he was able to pick up an ancient arrow from that world using his missing hand, it was torturous and guttural screams burst forth from him to do it, but the arrow rose as if by magic, his blood pouring from it as it did. He did this to try and prove to his brother that he wasnt crazy, but maybe the truth is far more insane.

Here are a few sketches done over the last few sessions of him:

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