Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Thrail and RPG Heroes

One of the cool parts of modern tabletop roleplaying games is the idea of everyone at the table having the role of making everyone's characters more awesome. This is not always just enabling them to pull off some huge strike against the current bad guy, but making the light shine on their most interesting attributes, their most compelling character flaws or their most mysterious backstory elements and so on. This is where players become much more than just advocates for their character, but champions for the whole story, looking to make each character and their actions memorable.
Some of the most fun parts of a roleplay session is the banter between characters or some quirky little event that exposes a cool aspect of one of the heroes. Maybe this is why I liked FATE as it encourages these things through its mechanics.

I'm not sure I phrased that too well. Here is a related sentiment from the FATE Accelerated book "That's how you tell great stories together - by not being afraid for your character to make mistakes, and by making choices that make the story more interesting for everyone at the table - not just you"

Anyhoooo here is the latest Thrail sketch, done watching Bones with the family:

Monday, 2 February 2015

Thrail Returns

Our little 13th Age game is back again with the party formed up to venture out from Firehaven. Thrail, Sorra, Jim and now Salar as well are part of a decent sized expedition that has already met with its share of troubles.

Before we kicked off the game I did a little exploring for how Thrail (Tentacle Dwarf protector) might look like as a FATE character. I loved the storytelling brought out in our FATE game and the idea of aspects was a decent place to start. They delve deeper than all the stats and actions that 13th Age provides for in a class. Aspects foreground what makes a hero unique, what makes them tick, what makes them interesting. Even though 13th Age gives us a One Unique Thing (Thrail's being that he is the Founder of the Red Cloak) that doesnt convey as much as the 5 Aspects that FATE brings and in FATE as the characters grew we always had new things we would have loved to include.
The thought experiment bore things like 'hammer + groin = plan' that would be lots of fun. He is a little rough around the edges to say the least and resorts to physical means whenever things get complicated. He is bound by his 'oath of the cloak' and is a 'protector of Chilhearth's mage maidens' and so it goes on.

While we are pretty good as players at fleshing out games with all the non-mechanical interactions - delving into the world and all its inhabitants - FATE really put this as the centrepiece of the sessions and I loved that.

Anyhow, the sketch above started during the last game and finished up tonight. I am trying to convey that Thrail is a really fun character to be around while sharing an ale, but get on his bad side or show you are corrupt or might betray his ideals then you are going to have fist in the face and a tentacle down your throat! This was all done in Photoshop on the SurfacePro3.