Wednesday, 29 July 2015

MDM Design Studio Day 1

Yes, it begins. There are actually a few people from other degrees in this final studio for the Masters of Design at UNSW Art & Design (formally COFA). One Master of Art and two of us from the Masters of Digital Media. I was worried that the course might be an awkward fit for us, but the emphasis on design is just one of many constraints that will fuel our projects.

Initial tasks include personal design manifestos, researching contemporary issues as a basis for a project, creating a visual metaphor and more. Lots of this is for Thursday night too - zoinks.

My current thinking on the contemporary issue, while there are many great social problems and complex things in our world that need fixing, I feel like going for something more subtle. So not global warming or obesity but target some more fundamental piece of understanding. If people understood a concept better would that better enable them to see other larger issues in a new light. If they understood Confirmation Bias or what a year means and how the seasons work would that empower change through this type of education? Targeting misconceptions and relating to healthcare or statistics or people's view and appreciation of engineers and scientists...

I still like the idea of a game as well. Cooperative shared narrative explorative gameplay that is not about beating the other players but working with them towards a common goal. This concept could apply to a game centred around a principle, a misconception or a social issue of some sort.
Even having a game deal with overpopulation, limited resources, rising sea levels, pollution, allergies etc would work. Looking more closely at gender in games as per my post would be interesting to look at further as well. Lots to research and think about very fast!!

Here is the little sketch I did while waiting for class to start (in calmer times)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Deskosaur Project

This is a quick post with some pics showing some of the pieces I contributed to the Deskosaur project which was for a desk organiser system which required designing, modelling and then building to bring in the lights, usb ports and such for the final build. Digital tools were Photoshop, 3ds Max, Mudbox and Shapeways for the 3D prints.

And here are some pics of some of the final product model complete with paint scheme and working lights, bluetooth sound, usb hub and more. I think it is pretty cool and was certainly fun to help out.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Design and Complete a Game

With my final course in the MDM kicking off tomorrow night I will need to work pretty hard on a specific project. There are so so many things that would be great fun to do while being hard and I would learn heaps in doing. Right now, if viable, I am keen to actually have a game be the focus of a project like this. Having read and explored game design ideas and world creation concepts etc, actually completing a game would cement much of this knowledge with a huge amount of digital and design work going into the process.

The Design Studio course might be full of students solving problems and such, but creating a game is overflowing with complex interconnected design decisions as well. I am thinking a board game would be a nice vehicle as then we get the physical artefacts (3D Printed and laser cut) that add a tactile element to all the digitally created elements. There is co much theory on the game side and so much complexity on the world generation side that it feels like a rich project - even if I need to stand up and talk about games a lot...

Yes, more sketches for a possible Golem-centric game. If our little protagonists are defending a small glade in the woods from the approaching peril with their golems, that could be cute as well. The 'board' can be clearings in the woods, we can have strangely carved stones and creepy mists and a more magically centred theme. The characters could still have other things in their lives that are competing with their golemancy though - I still like that idea. Maybe they are competing with another circle of glade witches or collecting herbs to heal the glade or something. Hell look at their hats, maybe they take time and the hat competition is looming...

Concepts that are most appealing at the moment on the game side that still involve some fun world creation include: The Golems or Dance Golems; The Loch Maiden ideas; Science and Scientists, Moths vs Butterflies, Dwarven Alesmiths and maybe something quirky to do with cyber-braces.