Saturday, 12 December 2015

Team Pic and Manticore Mating

Our game session this week gloriously featured our friendly PC Beast doing some rather frightening mating with a nasty Manticore. We are now looking forward to the babies at some future date - super game :)
We made it out by the skin of our teeth from our first foray into the Stone Thief to land in the path of a giant sea monster. Let's hope we can get the Archmage's weapon to work for us...

Anyhow, here is another pic showing the party. I started just making a Leaph pic, but added the rest of the gang as things developed. Again this was all done in Photoshop on the Surface Pro 3. I did a few sketches first then tried a much faster inking method, Colouring I kept lighter and brighter with only a few shades rather than gradients. Still took ages, but was darn fun.