Monday, 16 May 2016

Sketchbook Pro

I am lucky enough to be experimenting with a beefy Microsoft Surface Book and while I was using Photoshop for drawing and sketching before, I thought I might give Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro a go instead. First, there are quirks with this fancy piece of hardware that might have a flow-on effect into my SBP experience, but now that MS have had a few months, many of the larger issues have been resolved for me. Hmmm, not sure that is completely true, but I am using this as my primary machine for everything and enjoying the ride despite the niggles.

So, Sketchbook Pro is proving to be a fun little piece of software with enough tools to do some nice little pieces with good speed and it runs well with or without the GPU base attached. It doesnt even seem to need the gruntier GPU as the intel one is more than enough acceleration for the rotating etc etc. Sometimes I notice the drawing not keeping up with me, but that might have just meant I needed a restart as usually it runs beautifully.

These League of Legends drawings were done on the couch using the 'pencil' for the base sketch, then just the Inking pen for both the linework and the colouring (on another layer). I could have gone more complex and detailed with things, but I kind of liked the simplicity of this approach. I am really happy with how Tahm Kench and TF turned out as both were quick and have a bit of character to them. Maybe I will have to try some other styles out to push Sketchbook Pro further, but for an initial foray I am liking the hardware and software...

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