Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Deranged Director

Our current RPG game is using FATE (well the Atomic Robo version of FATE) to play in a world inspired by Sunless Sea. You will find other posts here looking at my character Joe Smithereens, the Ironclad Texan. The last session saw us eventually foil the machinations of the Deranged Director, who was manipulating events in order to have the inhabitants of the island live out Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Joe actually caught a cannonball with what is left of his mighty suit at the end which shattered metal, bone and flesh! Saving innocent's lives can be very costly and Joe is going to feel this for a while and will be changed by the events for sure.

For some cool documentation from the mighty GM on the game, logic, mechanics and such please check out his Sunless Fate posts (3 as of writing)!

Anyhow, I really wanted to post up this quick sketch and colour done of our Shakespeare inspired villain. To think we nearly went along with his scheming...

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