Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Bat Jaw Inflator

I sat down to do a drawing without any goal in mind and a batman started to materialise, with a mighty impressive jaw which then evolved into this little cartoon. Enjoy...

Monday, 29 August 2016

Deviant Art Profile

I realised that I have been a member of for aaaages yet I hadnt ever loaded any of my images into my profile - so I have just added a bunch of images in there and it least now looks like I do things. Since it is perhaps the premiere artist community on the web it makes sense for me to be a part of it - I am at least trying to do fun creative things and am happy to share.

So check out my profile gallery as it actually makes for a nice way to view the variety of things I have done over recent times and I will slowly add more bits in there as I go...

Tahm Kench Pool Party Concept

I had a desire to draw up a skin concept for League of Legends today. Not having any particular place to start I thought about the skin sets and decided on something for the Pool Party suite - esp as it is insanely hot here at the moment. Next step was to pick a champion and since Tahm Kench is one of my favourites I jotted down a few ideas for him. Relatively quickly the idea of him having ice creams and licking them with his huge tongue felt good, then I had the idea of him being sunburnt a real 'lobster' and that felt like a nice theme that matched him pretty well. Getting sunburnt and licking ice cream should fit many people's memories of being at the pool (or beach) and I liked how this phase of design thinking had gone, just had to realise it in an image.

So into SketchBookPro I went on my SurfaceBook with the idea that this first drawing should just be a concept image, one that conveyed the idea instantly but it needn't be a fully realised skin or anything just yet. I spent a bit of time on rough pencils trying to get the overall shape feeling Kenchy and the pieces in place like the ice cream cones as well as a place in the silhouette for his signature tongue. Then came some quick inks, which I always seem to have to tidy up, so it takes me much longer than it really should. Lastly all the colour, trying to keep it very bright and summerish - esp for his sunburnt lobster skin. Oh and a quick design for his acquired taste in-game icon too...

(I did have to go back and fix up his hands after I had accidentally given him one too many fingers on each hand - oops)

The next level of design would probably incorporate a few more elements in the details, perhaps a ring on his tentacle moustache and a pattern on his board-shorts. Anyhow I am happy with this version anyhow, so here he is...

Pool Party Tahm Kench Skin Concept for League of Legends
"Lobster sunburn, ice cream and not a care in the world"


slightly updated image with a few additions like nicer shorts and the ring

Sunday, 28 August 2016

LOL OCE Pixel Art Contest

I have been meaning to try my hand at a League of Legends art event/contest and hey-presto the OCE region has a pixelart contest on right now. I admit I hadnt really done any pixel art so I had fun and got to learn some things along the way.

The details of the contest give everyone the basic rules as well as some tips and the gallery of entries is growing but not big at this stage. I am happy with my entry - let's see how we go. I quite like the more comic-like sketch version as that is more 'me' but that didnt seem to be in the full spirit of the pixelart style...

I opted to use GraphicsGale rather than the web-based pixelart editors or the overkill of Photoshop and that worked out quite well giving me enough control as well as being able to bring in a version of my sketch to work on.

So yes, I started with this sketch done in Sketchbook for a LOL Summoner Icon showing an Epic Poro and a poor Pantheon. I wasnt sure how much detail would end up in a 128x128 res square - but you can see in the final pic that you can get lots in there as long as the primary shapes are strong.

So then after a tiny bit of manipulation to get it down to a 128x128 PNG I brought it into GraphicsGale and proceeded to recreate the pic. In the small amount of playing I did before this I found that Photoshop could quite easily take any image and crunch it down to this small resolution and it would look pretty good. I bet there will be entries in the competition that will be basically that.
Anyhow, my first step was to rebuild the basic shapes using just a few colours and then flesh out the shading until the final result.

Here are the actual 128x128 and a more useful version at 4x that res so you can see things a bit better/bigger.